Why Do Golfers Not Wear a Glove While Putting?

Golf is a very demanding sport when it comes to techniques and routines, and since all golfers strive for the best, a lot of habits are commonly followed in the game.

One of the most popular habits that golfers practice when they’re on the green is that they take their gloves off in order to put.

Such behavior is also common among experts and even tour players, which is why a lot of average golfers take off their gloves too. So why do golfers not wear a glove while putting? And why do some golfers keep them on even during putting?

In today’s article, we’ll walk you through a brief guide that will put an answer to such questions. Let’s dive right in!

Why Do Golfers Take Off Their Gloves When They’re Putting?

Golfers tend to take their gloves off when they’re putting for a couple of reasons.  To get a better feel for the putter and improve their connection with the putter.  And to give the glove and hand time to dry out.

Let’s have a quick look at each one of them:

To Have a Better Feel of the Putter

Unlike drives, putting in golf doesn’t require power or speed. Instead, it depends heavily on the feel of the putter.

A lot of golfers find that using the putter with both of their bare hands gives them a technical edge because it maximizes their accuracy and provides them with a better grip.

playing golf without a glove

Sensitivity during putting is actually everything, as you need to maximize accuracy during putting.

To Allow Their Hands and Gloves to Air Out

Golfers wear leather gloves because leather improves their grip. However, it comes with the side effect of accumulating sweat, especially in warm weather.

When sweat builds up inside the gloves, it can be very uncomfortable for the players. Additionally, the gloves will wear out very quickly. By taking the gloves off, you’ll be able to air out both your hands and the gloves.

Can You Keep Your Glove On While Putting?

Technically speaking, there is no right or wrong approach when it comes to wearing or taking off your glove during putting or chipping.

Some golfers tend to take them off while others may not play with any gloves at all, although this is not usually recommended.

However, it’s all a matter of preference and what you believe to give you the most control and bring out your best performance.

So, while it’s generally recommended to follow the pros and take them off while putting, you can definitely keep your glove on while putting.

Is It Against the Rules to Take Gloves off Between Shots?

In terms of golf rules, there are no regulations on whether you should wear or take your gloves off at any time during the game or between shots.

when do you use a golf glove

When you see tour players take off their gloves at certain shots and put them back on at others, it’s all down to their preferences and what they believe will bring out their best performance and provide them with the best results.

However, wearing a glove generally improves performance indirectly by enhancing your grip and protecting your hands from blistering.

Do Gloves Increase Your Driver Distance?

Gloves don’t affect your driver distance or your swing speed. However, it can still affect both of these aspects by improving your square contact and shot accuracy, which allows you to hit the ball at a higher speed for a further distance.

In other words, while gloves don’t have a direct impact on your performance, reduce your average handicap and how you handle a golf club, it offers an indirect edge to many players who prefer to wear them, especially if you have sweaty hands or weaker grip.

Can You Wear Gloves on Both Hands?

Although this practice is quite uncommon in regular situations, there are no rules that prevent players from wearing gloves on both hands.

Ideally, such a habit is typically followed during cold or humid months, which helps golfers avoid sore skin or blisters from holding the metal clubs.  Or in the rain with some high quality rain gloves that make the club easier to hold while wet.

However, most golfers tend to wear gloves on one hand only while keeping the other free.

Which Hands Should Have Gloves on in General?

Although there isn’t a specific rule on whether to wear gloves on both hands, a single hand or none at all, the most common setting here is to wear a single glove on your top (non-dominant) hand only.

In other words, if you’re right-handed, you should wear it on the left. But if you’re a leftie, you should wear it on the right.

The reason for that is to get good control of the clubhead and prevent the grip from sliding up and down due to the weakness in our non-dominant hand.

why do golfers take glove off to putt

This way, we can have better coordination between our eyes and hands, which improves accuracy and results.

Where Should You Keep Your Gloves When You Take Them Off?

Golf gloves are made of Cabretta leather, which is a type of sheep hide. Despite being tough, it’s subjected to wear and tear if not handled properly.

Throughout the years, golfers have found common spots to keep their gloves after taking them off. The most popular spot here is the back pocket, which is common among professionals.

However, you should know that such a spot might ruin your glove, where tour players replace their gloves consistently, so they don’t have to worry about it.

If you want to preserve the lifespan of your glove, your two best shots are near the flagstick or simply in your bag. Of course, it’s easier to keep them at the flagstick but it’s also easier to forget about them there, which makes leaving them in your bag or cart the safest way to go.

Why Do Golfers Not Wear A Glove While Putting Wrap Up

With that said, you now have a brief answer to the popular question “why do golfers not wear a glove while putting?”.

As you can see, there isn’t a specific rule that requires golfers to take off their gloves while putting.

However, a lot of golfers take their gloves off to have a better feel of their grip on the putter all the while letting the gloves air out from sweat.

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