What Is An Albatross In Golf? What Is A Condor In Golf? Strange Terms Explained!

Albatrosses and Condors are some of the rarest scores in golf. So your goal is to read this so you know what they are, and then go get you some!

What Is An Albatross In Golf?

An albatross is a rare and highly coveted achievement in golf. Also known as a double eagle, it refers to completing a hole in three strokes under par. In other words, it is achieved by scoring a two on a par five hole or a one on a par four hole.

The term “albatross” is believed to have originated from the bird of the same name. The albatross is a large seabird that is often used as a symbol of good luck, and its rarity and majesty are thought to be similar to the difficulty and prestige of achieving an albatross in golf.

Although it is not as common as a hole-in-one or even an eagle, the albatross is still considered one of the most impressive feats in golf. It requires a combination of skill, strategy, and luck, as the player must make a long and accurate shot from the tee, followed by another precise shot to get onto the green, and then finish with a successful putt.

Achieving an albatross can be a game-changing moment in a player’s round, as it can drastically improve their score and morale. It is also a rare opportunity for spectators to witness something truly special on the course.

In professional golf, there have been a few notable instances of players achieving an albatross. The most famous is probably Gene Sarazen’s “Shot Heard ‘Round the World” at the 1935 Masters, where he hit a 4-wood from 235 yards out on the par five 15th hole, making it the first albatross ever recorded in the tournament’s history.

Other notable albatrosses in professional golf include Louis Oosthuizen’s on the par five second hole during the final round of the 2012 Masters, and Shaun Micheel’s on the par four seventh hole at the 2006 PGA Championship.

The albatross is a rare and impressive achievement in golf that requires skill, strategy, and a bit of luck. Although it is not as common as a hole-in-one or even an eagle, it is still highly coveted by golfers and remains a symbol of excellence on the course.

What Is A Condor In Golf?

In the world of golf, a condor is an incredibly rare and exceptional achievement, and one that even the most accomplished golfers can only dream of achieving. Simply put, a condor is a score of four under par on a single hole, meaning that it is accomplished by completing a hole in four strokes fewer than the expected par score.

Condors are so rare that there have been only a handful of confirmed instances of this feat being achieved. In fact, many golfers may go their entire lives without even seeing a condor, let alone hitting one themselves. To put it into perspective, there have been more holes-in-one recorded in professional golf history than there have been condors.

While an albatross, or double eagle, is a highly impressive achievement, with only a handful of golfers achieving it in professional golf history, a condor takes it to an entirely different level. The albatross is achieved by scoring three strokes under par, while a condor requires four strokes under par.

In order to achieve a condor, a player must hit a hole-in-one on a par five hole or a hole-in-two on a par six hole. This means that the player must hit a shot that covers more than 500 yards in a single shot, or that they must make a hole-in-two on a hole that is 600 yards long.

To put it into perspective, the longest hole in professional golf is the 777-yard 4th hole at the Jumeirah Golf Estates in Dubai. To achieve a condor on this hole, a player would need to hit a tee shot of around 500 yards and then chip in from the remaining 277 yards, which is an almost impossible feat.

While condors are incredibly rare, they have been achieved in the past, with a few famous instances. In 2007, a player named Shaun Lynch achieved a condor on the par five 17th hole at the TPC San Antonio Oaks Course during a practice round for the Valero Texas Open. The shot was estimated to have traveled 617 yards and was hit with a driver and a putter.

Another famous instance of a condor being achieved was by Mike Crean on the par six fifth hole at the Green Valley Ranch Golf Club in Colorado. Crean hit his tee shot 517 yards, then hit a second shot 336 yards and holed out for a hole-in-two. This remains the longest hole in recorded history and the only confirmed instance of a condor on a par six hole.

A condor is an incredibly rare and exceptional achievement in golf, with only a handful of instances recorded in professional golf history. It requires a player to hit a hole-in-one on a par five or a hole-in-two on a par six, making it an almost impossible feat. While it is incredibly rare, the fact that it has been achieved at all is a testament to the skill and determination of the few golfers who have accomplished this amazing feat.

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