What is a Golf Towel Used for?

Golf is a sport that demands focus and precision. From selecting the right club to making sure your swing is on point, every detail matters. One of the essential items that every golfer should carry with them is a golf towel. But what is a golf towel used for, and why is it such an important accessory for golfers? In this article, we’ll explore the many uses of a golf towel, how to choose the right one, and why it’s an essential part of your golfing equipment.

A golf towel is a small, absorbent towel that golfers use to keep their equipment and hands clean and dry while on the course. Golf towels are typically made of microfiber material, which is highly absorbent and quick-drying, making it ideal for use in a sport that involves a lot of sweating and exposure to the elements.

Golf towels come in a range of sizes and styles, from small hand towels to larger tri-fold towels that can be hung on a golf bag or cart. Some golf towels also feature a center slit or ring located at the top, which can be used to attach the towel to a golf bag or belt loop for easy access while playing. While a golf towel may seem like a small and insignificant accessory, it can make a big difference in keeping your equipment and hands clean and dry, which can ultimately improve your performance on the course.

Cleaning Clubs With A Golf Towel

One of the main uses of a golf towel is to clean golf clubs during a round. Golfers typically carry multiple golf towels and use a wet golf towel to remove dirt and grass from their clubs after hitting a shot, which can help keep the clubface clean and improve ball contact on subsequent shots. Golfers, and golfers caddies, may also use a dry towel to wipe down the grips of their clubs, which can help prevent slippage and ensure a firm grip.

To clean a golf club with a towel, simply wet the towel and use it to wipe down the clubhead and shaft. Use a bit of pressure to remove any dirt or grass stains, and pay extra attention to the grooves on the clubface, which can accumulate debris and affect ball spin. If the clubhead is particularly dirty, you may need to use a bit of water or cleaning solution to remove the grime.

It’s important to note that while a golf towel can be a useful tool for cleaning clubs, it’s important to use a non-abrasive towel and avoid scrubbing too hard, as this can scratch the clubface and affect the club’s performance. Golfers should also avoid using a dirty golf towel to clean their clubs, as this can actually transfer dirt and grime from the towel to the club. By using a clean, non-abrasive golf towel to clean your clubs, you can ensure that they stay in top condition and perform at their best on the course.

Cleaning Grips With A Golf Towel

Cleaning golf balls and grips is an essential aspect of maintaining the quality of golf clubs. Golf grips can become slippery and ineffective when they get dirty, and this can affect the golfer’s grip and control of the club. Using a golf towel to clean grips is an effective way to keep them dry and maintain their tackiness. The process of cleaning golf grips with a golf towel is easy and straightforward.

To clean the grips, the golfer should dampen the golf towel and wipe it over the grip surface. They should work their way from the top of the grip to the bottom, ensuring that the entire surface is covered. The golfer should then use a dry section of the towel to remove any excess moisture. The towel’s microfiber design will absorb moisture and dirt, leaving the grips dry and clean.

Golfers should clean their grips regularly, ideally after every round of golf. This practice will ensure that the grips remain tacky and effective, and the golfer can maintain a consistent grip and control of their clubs. Dirty clubs and grips can cause the golfer to lose control of the club, resulting in mishits and poor shots. By using a golf towel to clean their grips regularly, golfers can avoid this issue and maintain the quality of their clubs.

Best Golf Towel Materials

When it comes to choosing the best golf towel, the material it’s made of is an important factor to consider. One of the most popular materials for golf towels is microfiber. Microfiber towels are made from synthetic fibers that are finer than silk, which allows them to be incredibly absorbent and quick-drying. The fibers in microfiber towels are also able to trap and hold dirt and debris, making them ideal for cleaning golf equipment. Additionally, microfiber towels are often lightweight and compact, which makes them easy to carry in a golf bag.

Another material that is commonly used for golf towels is cotton. Cotton towels are soft and absorbent, and they are often less expensive than microfiber towels. However, cotton towels may not be as effective at removing dirt and debris from golf equipment as microfiber towels, and they may take longer to dry.

Some golf towels are made from a blend of materials, such as microfiber and cotton. These towels offer the benefits of both materials, such as the absorbency of cotton and the quick-drying properties of microfiber. When choosing a golf towel, it’s important to consider your own preferences and needs, as well as the specific features of each towel.

Why Does A Golf Towel Have A Hole In It?

If you’ve ever seen a golf towel, you may have noticed that many of them have a hole in the middle. This center slit, often with a ring located around it, is not just a random design choice. It serves a specific purpose. The hole in a golf towel is used to hang it on a golf club, making it easy to access during your game. It can also be hung on a golf bag or belt loop for convenience.

The center slit caddy towel is typically designed to fit around the head of a golf club. This allows golfers to easily carry the towel with them on the course, without the need to store it in a golf bag or carry it separately. Hanging the towel from the club allows it to be quickly accessed during a round of golf, which is especially important for avid golfers who need to keep their equipment clean and dry throughout the game.

Some golf towels also feature a carabiner clip or a loop to make it easy to attach the towel to a golf bag or belt loop. This can be helpful for golfers who prefer not to hang the towel from their club, or who want to have multiple towels available during their game. Overall, the hole in a golf towel is a practical feature that adds to its functionality and convenience on the golf course.

Golf Towel With Magnetic Clip

A golf towel with a magnetic clip is a convenient and innovative accessory that can be clipped to your golf bag, belt loop, or any other convenient location. The magnetic clip provides a secure hold, so you don’t have to worry about losing your towel while you’re out on the golf course. This type of golf towel is often made from high-quality microfiber material that is super absorbent and perfect for cleaning your golf clubs and balls.

The magnetic clip on a golf towel is usually made from a strong magnet that can securely attach to any metal surface. Some golf towels come with a carabiner clip that can be attached to your golf bag or belt loop. This allows you to keep your towel within easy reach at all times, so you can quickly clean your clubs or wipe your hands as needed.

Many golfers prefer a microfiber golf towel made with a magnetic clip because it is easy to use and provides a secure hold. You don’t have to worry about your towel falling off your golf bag or getting lost while you’re out on the course. With a magnetic clip, your towel is always within reach, so you can quickly clean your clubs and balls without interrupting your game. Plus, the microfiber material is gentle on your golf clubs, so you can clean them without worrying about scratching or damaging the finish. Overall, a golf towel with a magnetic clip is a great investment for any avid golfer who wants to keep their clubs clean and dry while out on the course.

Cooling Golf Towels

Golfing in hot weather can be challenging, with the heat making it difficult to maintain a comfortable grip on the golf club. This is where cooling golf towels come in handy. These towels are made of special materials that are designed to retain water and stay cool for a long time. Golfers can use cooling towel with them to cool down between shots, wipe off sweat, and keep their hands dry and comfortable.

Cooling golf towels are made of highly absorbent materials, such as microfiber, that are able to hold a large amount of water. Some towels even have a waffle texture that helps to maximize their cooling effect. When wet, the best golf towels made can stay cool for several hours, providing much-needed relief on hot days. They are also easy to reactivate by simply wetting them again.

In addition to keeping golfers cool, some cooling golf towels come with additional features such as UV protection to shield the skin from the sun’s harmful rays. They can also be used for other outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, or biking. When not in use, these multiple golf towels can be easily packed away in a golf bag or backpack. Overall, a cooling golf towel is a must-have accessory for any golfer who wants to stay comfortable and perform their best in hot weather conditions.


In conclusion, a golf towel is an essential accessory for any golfer. It helps keep the golf ball clean, equipment clean and dry, and can even improve the golfer’s grip and overall performance. When choosing a golf towel, there are a variety of materials, sizes, and features to consider, such as microfiber, cooling properties, magnetic clips, and holes for easy attachment to golf bags or belts.

Whether you’re a beginner or an avid golfer, using a golf towel can make a big difference in your game. By keeping your clubs and grips clean and dry, you can improve your shot accuracy and reduce the risk of slipping or losing your grip. And with the many different types of golf towels available on the market, you’re sure to find one that fits your needs and preferences.

So don’t forget to pack a golf towel in your bag before heading out to the course. It may seem like a small detail, but it can make a big difference in your golf game. Happy golfing!

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