Tour Edge Golf Clubs Reviews 2022

An investor of golf, Tour Edge, has revealed that it has introduced Bazooka 470 and Bazooka 370 Black complete sets. They are of high-quality and are best sellers complete sets and are part of Get in the Game products of Tour’s Edge.

They help new golfers to perform incredibly and experience the latest game improvement technology to play the game effortlessly.  Their ‘Get in the Game’ products contain complete sets for men, women, seniors, and juniors. Tour Edge says that it also includes low-cost gold bags, putters, and wedges.

Their main objective is to develop and expand the game of golf by introducing extraordinary products and even at great prices.

Tour Edge says that they are doing amazing work that no one in this industry is doing or offering. Their new clubhead shapes in Bazooka 370 and Bazooka 470 Black sets are performing great and reach the level of forgiveness to make it simply easier to launch.

1. Tour Edge Bazooka Golf Club Set

Why is it better?

  • Uniflex shaft designs.
  • Durable full set.
  • Full package includes.
  • Lightweight stand bag.
  • Graphite shaft for durability.
  • Great reviews from individuals.
  • Currently priced on sale.

The Tour Edge Bazooka is a complete set that includes a lightweight bag, 5-SW irons, 3-wood, 5-wood, high MOI Putter, 4-hybrid. It also has a titanium Matrix driver with 10.5 degrees of loft.

The toe areas of the sole and the weight are also held in the heel is what it’s high-MOI (Moment of Inertia) design compliments. Merciful off-center hits are improved by the driver (face) and is ultra-thin in quality.

The Fairway woods are oversized and of low-profile stainless steel that enable easy hitting and makes the ball go high in the air. The head is also made of stainless steel that prevents any hard-to-hit shots and makes the good shots convenient.

The cavity back irons are mid-sized and made of stainless steel also feature heel and a weighting (toe) that makes your sweet spots larger and provides perfect iron performance.

The putter comes with a superior finish (white) and has an alignment aid that makes the set-up perfect and appreciable and smooth shots that help in keeping the putts on line. The driver is of 460cc and helps in covering more distance off the Tee. This complete 360 box set is made of high-quality material and is durable too.


  • This is a Uniflex shaft design.
  • A full set that is durable.
  • Comes with a stand bag that is lightweight.
  • This graphite shaft speaks of quality.
  • All the reviews are great by the individuals.


  • Quality issues when bought.

2. Tour Edge Golf Club Sets


  • Titanium driver with VFT to deliver powerful drives from an oversized sweet spot.
  • Shallow face design fairway woods & hybrids with variable face thickness.
  • Deep center of gravity creates a higher launch and greater forgiveness on off-center contact.
  • Ensures ease of use and excellent efficiency. Torque-4.2.

The Titanium driver is an amazing golf set along with VFT that helps in delivering shots that are powerful and smooth. The sweet spots are oversized and the fairway woods have a shallow face design.

The hybrids in this also feature face thickness that is variable and has a deep center of gravity that helps in facilitating launches at greater heights and on off-center contact that gives more forgiveness.

This is easy to use and gives excellent efficiency and has a torque of 4.2. The complete men’s package is the one that is a power-packed one. This provides accurate performance and takes the ball to unparalleled heights.

Whether you are on any position your shots are going to be great and high with these wonderful clubs. The cavity design (undercut) and the perimeter weighting (extreme) make shots higher, farther and more accurate.

The putter’s stability is also increased by the high-MOI design. This results in accurate putts, a better alignment that has a powerful impact and is straighter. This includes a stand bag with a dual-strap along with a shaft iron set of steel. This is compact, lightweight and helps in attacking the course with ease.


  • A titanium driver with which helps in delivering powerful shots.
  • Easy to use and performs incredibly.
  • The hybrids have variable face thickness and fairway woods have a shallow design.
  • Enables a higher launch and more forgiveness on contacts on off-center.


  • Club may fall apart when we swing.

3. Ladies Tour Edge Golf Clubs Bazooka 260 Complete Set


  • Full 15-piece package set with head covers and lightweight stand bag.
  • 460cc driver delivers big distance off the Tee.
  • Iron set includes an easy-to-hit Hybrid for accurate long iron performance.

The entire set comes with a package of 15 pieces and is equipped with headcovers and has a stand bag that is light in weight. The driver (460cc helps in covering a huge distance off the Tee).

It also features a hybrid that is easy to hit and gives a long iron performance. The Bazooka 260 comes with a warranty that can be enjoyed by you for a life time, that’s a great benefit indeed!

This is designed with intelligent engineering and enhancing technology. It also includes titanium matrix driver with high MOI (moment of inertia) and provides greater forgiveness while minimizing the head twisting, facilitating shots that exhibit more consistency.

The low-center of gravity is also very helpful in providing shots that are high-flying, accurate and smooth. The hybrid also makes the shots hit the greens that are par-excellence. The steel irons are oversized and sweet spots are larger and undercut cavity pardons them.

The putts are also more perfect and accurate with the putter of high-MOI and is heel-toe weighted. The alignments get easier and help in delivering the best. The whole set includes hybrid, head covers, 3-wood, a stand bag (dual strap) along with an action stand.


  • A complete package set which includes 15 pieces.
  • Head covers, hybrid and a stand bag that is light in weight is also a part of this.
  • The driver is 460 CC and enables big distance (off the Tee).
  • This helps in delivering shots that are accurate, perfect and high.
  • Features a life-time warranty.


  • No negatives as such.

4. Tour Edge Golf Clubs Junior Complete Set


  • 350cc high MOI driver produces long, high-flying drives.
  • Low profile fairway wood is easy to hit, launching the ball quickly into the air.
  • Advanced hybrid technology features a wide sole and low center of gravity for easy-to-hit shots.

The Tour Edge HL-J junior golf set is a beautifully crafted with perfection, especially for juniors (boys and girls). This comes with high-flying drivers and has an MOI of 350cc that produces long shots.

The fairway wood is easy to hit and is low profile and helps in launching the ball rapidly (in the air). The hybrid is low profile is extremely easy-to-hit, also has a low center of gravity and a wide sole.

The ball can be launched quickly and easy the design of this is advanced. The irons are oversized and perimeter weighting is extreme and the forgiveness provided by sweet spots is great.

The putter (mallet) gives unbelievable stability with accuracy and is easy to align. The juniors carry the backpack with pride as it is light in weight and features dual-straps.

The set is featured with headcovers and certainly makes golf playing more fun and entertaining. The sets are available in 5 and right and the left hand is a part of every set. Lifetime warranty with product makes it more appreciable.

The age and the height of the player should be matched and then you can see them having immense fun on the course. This actually assists in a junior golfer’s growth.


  • Long and high-flying drives are produced with the help of MOI driver (350cc).
  • Made of advanced hybrid technology.
  • Also features a lightweight bag with a back-pack style.
  • Enables launching of the ball in the air at a good height, quickly with ease.


  • Quality issues.

5. Tour Edge Golf Sets – Reaction 3


  • 460cc high MOI driver delivers forgiveness and long, high-flying drives.
  • Easy-to-hit #5 hybrid makes long iron shots easy.
  • Iron set includes an easy-to-hit hybrid for accurate long iron performance.

The Tour Edge is a perfect example and combination of priceless technology and is a set that features 3 boxes. The scores are lowered while your game is enhanced with these amazing set of golf.

The set comes with a white finish and the hybrid and woods are in contrast with the ground this way and make playing easier. Your focus and shots become more accurate and perfect if the contrast or the color difference exists.

The driver is 12-degree and can provide shots that are very high and cover distances that are far. The matrix driver is of titanium and a high MOI (Moment of inertia).

The club gets twisted least, the forgiveness is increased and the drives exhibit more consistency. The low center of gravity enables high-flying shots and perfect ones and the 3-wood (oversize) helps in hitting so.

The steel irons are stainless and the undercut cavity also helps in hitting larger shots with more forgiveness. Accurate putts are possible with the putter (mallet-style) and have an easy-to-use alignment aid. A very durable and high quality golf set.


  • The driver has a high MOI with 460cc.
  • The long, high-flying drives with forgiveness are delivered with this.
  • Hybrid makes easier and long iron shots.
  • The set features 3 boxes.
  • Made with the priceless technology, is accurate and perfect for delivering best shots.
  • Has a low-center of gravity for shots that can reach heights.


  • Durability and quality issues.

6. Tour Edge Unisex – Teen Golf Clubs


  • Package set with high-MOI putter and lightweight stand bag.
  • 460cc driver delivers big distance off the Tee.
  • Iron set includes an easy-to-hit Hybrid for accurate long iron performance.
  • Includes a lightweight stand bag.
  • Perfect for young teens.

The Tour Edge is a golf set that is the love of the teens and comes with a stand bag that is light in weight with a high-MOI putter.

The driver is of 460cc and helps in delivering big distance off the Tee. The set also features a hybrid that is easy-to-hit and enables accurate and long-iron performance.

The Unisex 260 is a perfect set for young teens, of-course a dream set for a budding young golfer. For longer drives a titanium matrix driver is what it features and a club-head of 460cc that can provide a high MOI (Moment of inertia).

This helps in resisting unwanted twists and on off-center hits the forgiveness is increased. You can reach Par 5S in two and the 3-wood has a low-profile and the 360 (oversize) with a center of gravity that is low.

The hits can be performed easily with the tight lies while the ball gets a glide with ease. Extreme heel/toe weighting is what the stainless-steel irons feature, and help in having larger sweet spots that are straight and forgiving.

The putters come with an alignment aid that is easy and heel-toe style putter has a high-MOI. The fast action stand and a backpack with straps is just adored by the teens.


  • The iron set comes with a hybrid that is easy-to-hit.
  • The driver is with 460cc and helps in delivering huge distances.
  • This comes with a bag that is lightweight.
  • A set best suited for young teens.


  • Quality issues of the product.

7. Tour Edge Men’s Hot Launch Box Set


  • Titanium driver with vft to deliver powerful drives from an oversized sweetspot.
  • Shallow face design fairway woods & Hybrids with variable face thickness provide a high.
  • Deep center of Gravity creates a higher launch and greater forgiveness on off-center contact.

For the Beginning Men’s golfers this Tour Edge launch box set works great. They are available in a standard length and can be called as a progressive box set.

A titanium driver that has a deep face design and a technology that is VFT (variable face thickness) that can help in taking the launch speed to maximum.

The higher launch is created with a low center of gravity in the head and internal weighting positions are such that the makes the ball to spin less and launch higher.

Hyper steel of 450ss is use to construct the fairway woods of this hot launch set. They are of a design that is a shallow face and gives more accuracy. The rebound effect is enhanced and a powerful distance is covered with this (VFT technology).

Hybrids 4 and 5, iron woods 6 and 7 help in delivering the shot that are perfect, accurate and designed with uniqueness. Sweet spots are massive and shots can be easily hit with the hybrids.

Like others, these also have an undercut cavity that helps to provide adequate forgiveness and shots that are compatible and consistent. Players of all levels can benefit from this and the set is durable and a robust.


  • The oversized sweet spot helps in delivering powerful drives and feature a Titanium driver.
  • The fairway woods have a shallow face design and the hybrids are made with VFT technology.
  • A higher launch is created by the low and deep center of gravity.
  • Players of all levels can benefit from this.
  • The launches are higher and so is the performance.


  • The driver head is not so good.

8. Tour Edge Bazooka 260 Men’s Box Set


  • Full 15-piece package set with head covers and lightweight stand bag.
  • 460cc driver delivers big distance off the Tee.
  • Iron set includes an easy-to-hit Hybrid for accurate long iron performance.

The Tour Edge Bazooka-260 is again a great golf set that helps in enhancing your game for scores that are low and technology used is just unmatchable.

A lifetime warranty is what this product comes with and also includes a titanium mix driver can provide you with a high MOI (Moment of inertia) and the club twisting is also reduced and the shots with more forgiveness that are long and consistent.

The 3-wood is oversized and lightweight dual strap a great putter and a fast action stand is featured in this full set.

The greens can hit with ease with the shots par-excellence with the low center of gravity. The irons are oversized and constructed with stainless steel. Large sweet spots and undercut cavity that can provide more forgiveness.

More accurate and perfect putts can be done with a putter that is heel-toe weighted and has high MOI. Even the driver has high Moi that helps in delivering high shots and with increased forgiveness.

The Hybrid steel shaft has a low-profile design and features a CG (deep). For maximum carry and soft landing, this proves great. The putter comes with an easy-to-use alignment and the set also features a stand bag with dual straps. This bag can be easily carried and has four zips for easy storage.


  • The package set features 15 pieces.
  • Hybrid comes with an-easy -hit feature and gives maximum performance.
  • The driver is 460cc and delivers huge distance off the Tee.
  • This is designed with enhanced technology.


  • Driver isn’t good.

9. Tour Edge Womens Golf Clubs Set


  • Lady edge package sets are available in full and Starter sets.
  • Design technology delivers high-flying, accurate shots.
  • Full sets included a deluxe cart bag that features 9 accessory pockets.

You as a lady can just improve your game of golf with this wonderful Tour Edge Ladies set and can deliver a great performance on the golf course.

Be it the hybrids, fairway woods, clubs all deliver performance that is par excellence and accurate. The hybrids enable for the long game, forgiving shots, hits that are easy and are almost everything you need.

The irons are constructed with high-quality stainless steel and can help you hit shots that are longer and higher. The mallet putter comes with a high MOI, prevents twisting and enables the ball to hit the green course with ease.

The set includes a headcover and a driver of 460cc and the 3 and 5 woods can be hot easily and can make the ball launch higher. The hybrids (6 and 7) help in delivering superior performance as they feature a center of gravity that is deep.

The putter (mallet) is highly stable and helps to put easy and enables shots that are higher and longer. The set comes with a deluxe cart bag that is light and has nine pockets that can be used for storage. The irons are of stainless steel and the undercut cavity to move the center of gravity.


  • They are available in full and starter sets.
  • High flying and accurate shots are delivered with this.
  • This features a deluxe cart bag that has 9 pockets for accessories.
  • A wonderful and durable golf set for women.


  • Not any serious negatives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are Tour Edge Golf Clubs Any Good?

Ans: Tour Edge routinely delivers clubs that are among the top ten in their respective categories. For beginning players, the Hot Launch series is a famous and affordable, high-quality selection. Exotics CBX hybrids and fairway woods have also been used by multiple Champions Tour winners.

Q2. Where Are Tour Edge Golf Bags Made?

Ans: All Exotics and Hot Launch clubs are handcrafted in Illinois, Batavia before being shipped around the world. Each Tour Edge club comes with a 30-day play guarantee and a lifelong warranty.

Q3. What Company Makes Tour Edge Golf Clubs?

Ans: Exotics, Hot Launch, and Bazooka are three unique brands of golf clubs manufactured and sold by Tour Edge, an American-owned and run firm for over 32 years. Exotics brands bring cutting-edge technology to the industry, with tour-favored layouts and smaller run sizes.

Q4. Are Tour Edge Golf Clubs Forgiving?

Ans: Despite the fact that both clubs have a forgiving surface, they have distinct personalities, which is to be expected. The Tour Edge Super Launches C521 irons feel smooth as silk all across the stroke and crisp through the turf with the stock Aldila Rogue shaft.

Q5. Do Any Professional Golfers Use Tour Edge Clubs?

Ans: Over 125 various PGA Tour pros have used over 800 Tour Edge clubs to earn 12 wins, 16 runner-up victories, and over 50 Top 5 completes on the PGA Tours since 2018.

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