Top Flite 2022 XL 13 Piece Complete Golf Club Set Review

Regardless of one’s skills you can have a splendid experience while playing golf and being a pro at game or a low handicap won’t matter at all!!

For complementing your skill levels an appropriate set of golf clubs is what you require and this is probably the right way to be in a win-win situation.

Complete set of golf clubs will give you adequate freedom to stay more focused on the game as you will not be left confused with the advanced specifications while finding a perfect fit.

In short, a perfect and an all-inclusive golf set will leave you more organized and sorted.

Best Choice

Top Flite XL 13 Piece Golf Set

This golf set is designed for male golfers who are just getting started with the game of golf.

  • 460cc composite titanium driver along with a head-cover

  • A 3 wood with a head cover

  • Irons ranging from 6 to PW

  • A counterweighted styled putter

  • 4 & 5 hybrids

  • Light weight carry bag

A huge variety of golf club sets is offered by a popular brand Top Flite and their XL-13 piece complete set is a stellar edition, which we are reviewing for you:



  • The brand is popular and reliable and their products are an outcome of substantial research & development.

  • Offers more options – two hybrids instead of one.

  • Irons with simple cavity design are best suited for beginners.

  • Stability offered by counter-weighted putter design.

  • The carry bag is lightweight & portable.

  • 5 iron or a sand wedge is missing.

  • There are few thin pockets in the carry bag which may get torn due to wear & tear.

  • Intended for players who are – 5’6 to 6’1, hence taller players should pick this one.

Features Of Top Flite XL Golf Clubs


High forgiveness is offered by the Top Flite XL 13-piece golf set and this is great for beginner golfers as mentioned a couple of times above. An oversized 460cc titanium composite drives provides low COG – center of gravity placement along with increased forgiveness and distance on each shot.

Incredible forgiveness is delivered as the irons feature a wide sole + perimeter weight placement.


A low center of gravity placement is offered by the low profile 3-wood. This again keeps it suitable for beginners and the club facilitates to hit shots that travel straighter, fly higher enabling you to cover more ground while you use it.


You get two sleek hybrids in the set which prove to be a great combo of distance offered by a fairway wood + accuracy and performance of an iron. The result is accurate shots. You are able to aim properly & hit consistent shots as the unique mallet putter features alignment cut-outs.


Improved club head speed is provided as the fairway woods and driver are fitted with graphite shafts and are light weight also. The irons wedge, and hybrids are fitted using a steel shaft that offers better feel and control when you strike the ball.


The head covers are provided both for the 3 wood and driver alike. As the material used is nylon so it stays durable and aids to offer adequate protection.


The golf bag is made using nylon material which keeps it durable and it becomes super easy for the users to keep their clubs organized and protected as the bag possesses a 6-way top with full-length divider and a padded mesh.

The adjustable and padded dual straps of the bag add to the comfort and enable hassle-free transport. The bag has 5-pockets that which support ample of storage and you can keep valuables, balls etc. there.

The bag is as light as around 4.1 lbs. There is an umbrella holder too which provides weather protection whenever you want.

Final Views:

This is a perfect golf set for the ones who are beginning their golf game journey. We are confident as the detailed review above firmly supports our view-point.

If you are in the search for enhancing forgiveness every time you hit then you are here with the right choice for a golf set. This helps you incredibly to optimize distance by producing straight and high flights.

More consistent and accurate shots is what you get using these clubs. The carry bag is amazingly comfortable too. You are sure to reach new heights with boosted performance if you use these set of golf clubs.

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