Shipping Golf Clubs With FedEx: What You Need To Know

Having the ability to ship your golf clubs is crucial if you’re a golfer hoping to hit the links or an online retailer trying to send sets to different buyers. Recent changes to the new normal have amplified shipping needs globally. 

Whatever your shipping demands may be, you need to use the appropriate golf shipping services to guarantee the safety of your golf clubs. 

FedEx is a global shipping industry behemoth. Several customers trust them because of their quality services. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about shipping golf clubs with FedEx and whether it’s the right choice. 

Let’s get started!

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Should You Ship Your Golf Clubs?

If you’re planning a golf trip, having your golf clubs shipped to the location ahead of time will save you from the annoyance of hauling the sticks around.

In 2017 alone, baggage fees accumulated to well over $4.5 billion (here’s the cost to check your golf clubs with 11 different airlines). 

This proves that baggage fee is a massive business sector for airlines. And it doesn’t stop there. 

If you’re checking in an extra bag, the fee can be a lot more than what a golf club shipping service can charge you. 

For instance, American Airlines slaps its customers with a $150 additional fee (one-way) if the weight of their bag exceeds 51 pounds. 

Various airlines also limit the number of balls, clubs and other golfing essentials that you can carry in your bag. This is not something an avid golfer wants to hear! 

So if you’re shipping golf clubs for commercial or personal reasons, it’s important you engage the services of a company that lets you go about the process swiftly. 

Avoiding excessive fees and ensuring your shipment reaches its destination safely are two of the most important priorities you need to have. 

Let’s dive in to the topic at hand and go through all of the essential factors you need to be aware of when using the services of a company like FedEx for shipping golf clubs. 

How to Ship Golf Clubs with FedEx

FedEx can ship your golf clubs to more than 215 countries and territories globally. If you’re shipping golf clubs with FedEx inside the US, the FedEx Domestic Ground Service will cost you less than $100 for each trip and can take up to four days

The FedEx International Economy services on the other hand can take 5 days since you’re shipping them to a different country. Other services like:

Are available too but will cost you more. 

How Much Will It Cost To Ship Clubs With FedEx?

The shipping costs of your package will depend on how fast you want the delivery service to be and how far you want to ship your golf clubs. 

To make things easy, FedEx also has an online shipping fee calculator on their website. But for your convenience, we’ve created a scenario to help you give a rough idea of the costs. 

Case A

Pick Up Point: Brooklyn, New York

Drop-Off Point: Beverley Hills, California 

Size of Package: 50in x 12in x 10in

Weight: 30 pounds


Case B

Pick Up Point: Brooklyn, New York

Drop-Off Point: Hong Kong

Size of Package: 50in x 12in x 10in

Weight: 30 pounds

FedExInternational Economy$484.43
FedExInternational Priority$517.50

Does FedEx Pick Up Clubs from Office Or Home?

The cases we listed above assume that you’re dropping off the clubs to a FedEx location, but if you don’t want to do that, FedEx can pick up the package from your home for an additional fee of $4. 

Additionally, with a FedEx account number (not as simple as creating a user ID on a website) you can get the same service and ship at any speed you want to (Overnight, Ground, Express, or Two-Day).

Moreover, you can also take advantage of their Weights Discounts Program, which can give you a 25% discount on heavier shipments. 

Keep in mind that if you don’t have an account number, you can only ship your golf clubs with the Express option. 

What Would Happen if Your Clubs Are Damaged or Lost?

Like other golf club shipping services in the market, FedEx won’t offer insurance on your package. They offer a service of their own called “declared value.” 

When something is damaged or lost, FedEx will calculate the real value of the objects and then return to you what they think your items are worth. 

This reimbursement is determined by the actual value of the package and its weight. 

The Maximum Declared Values for FedEx

  • Same Day and Ground: the maximum declared value for a shipment is $2,000
  • Three Day Freight, FedEx OneDay, First Overnight, or Two Day: maximum declared value for a shipment is $50,000

How Does Declared Value Work?

When you go for declared value, the first $100 of coverage is free. Several shippers aren’t aware of this lesser-known fact. 

However, if the declared value is above $100 (even if by a dime) and under $300, you’ll have to pay a fee of $3. 

For instance, a 40lbs golf bag that is worth $1,500 will have a declared value cost of $12. 

That said, several golfers aren’t happy with FedEx telling them the value of their sticks since there is room for error. Because of this reason, getting third-party insurance can be a good idea. 

Here’s why:

1. Broader Coverage

Not only is third-party insurance more affordable, but it can also be more reliable. Since your golf clubs will be completely insured, you’ll have peace of mind. 

A prominent misconception about declared value is that you’re entitled to $100 of free coverage for a package. If your package is within the designated value range, there’s nothing to worry about. 

But if the valuation of your package exceeds the $100 value mark, and you didn’t opt for additional insurance, there’s a slim chance your claim will be approved.

2. Easy Claims

Every golfer who usually ships clubs has horror stories – particularly retailers. This happens mostly because a shipping carrier is in the business of getting goods from point A to point B. 

They’re not dealing with adjudications and insurance claims. They’re notorious for making claims more sophisticated than they have to be which is why you should stick to a third-party insurance settler. 

3. Easy Integration

These businesses also understand that you’re swamped with baggage fees and airline complexities which is why they make it easy to add shipping insurance to your packages. 

How To Pack Your Golf Clubs for Shipping

Whether you’re shipping a single golf club or a set, you’re always going to benefit if you get a golf club shipping box. 

If you have one, your golf clubs will stay secure while in transit. If you’re shipping a set, the box you get should be long enough to incorporate drivers, which are the longest clubs. Once your clubs are wrapped and appropriately packed, they’re going to take up more space, so you may have to purchase an extra box. 

Before you start packing your clubs for the shipping process, you’ll have to take a few important steps to ensure they stay safe. 

Drivers are often more prone to damage because of their height. Use headcovers, which you can easily find at any golf shop, to protect them. 

For added protection, you can use an adjustable aluminum bag that can absorb any shock or impact. 

Still, confused? Consider following these steps:

  • Take two layers of bubble wrap. Wrap it around each club and secure into place with tape (any kind).
  • Use headcovers for extra safety
  • You can also bundle two or more clubs together with bubble wrap and tape before you place them into your travel bag
  • Once done, place your golf bag into the shipping box. Fill the empty spaces in the shipping box with air cushions or more bubble wrap to ensure the contents of the box don’t move when in transit
  • Seal the box thoroughly with tape. This is also the part where most of the mistakes happen!
  • Measure and weigh your box and then get a shipping fee estimate from the online fee calculator

The Takeaway – Shipping Golf Clubs With FedEx, What You Need To Know

Now that you know the process of shipping golf clubs with FedEx, you must always remember that there are certain risks involved. 

No matter how much you pay and what your item is, FedEx is obliged by law to take proper care of your golf clubs. 

That said, now that social distancing guidelines are beginning to ease, it’s imperative you sanitize properly and take the essential preventive measures. 

We all have our favorite golfing sticks and summer travel is in bloom. 

Golfers are now flowing out of their homes and travelling to memorable courses across the world. To ensure your sticks arrive at the same time as you, get your golf clubs shipped with a shipping service like FedEx. 

Flying with them can be a literal drag!

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