Best Women’s Golf Clubs: Complete Sets

best women's golf clubs

Purchasing the right golf set has become a little tricky with the plethora of choices available. The decision becomes more overwhelming when we want the right golf set for women, especially with the availability of various equipment, technology, brands, and club types. The list of choices can be seemingly endless, and a little help from … Read more

5 Best Golf Irons For Mid Handicappers To Improve Your Game

Best Golf Irons For Mid-Handicappers

Do you know as per the USGA statistics, roughly 40% of the golf community is considered mid handicappers. The golfers those who tend to carry a single-digit handicap make-up 35% of the golfing arena. Be it during a casual or tournament play, the handicaps are established for equitable matches and this implies to any pair … Read more

Unique Golf Bags 2022 – Cut To Your Requirements!

unique golf bags

Comfort, convenience, storage capacity, and quality are the obvious features while picking up the Best Golf Bag, however, choosing a golf bag, that is unique to your requirements, is something most beginners miss very often. Golf bags are categorized based on an individual’s personal needs that are unique depending on playing style, frequency of play, … Read more

Titleist AP3 Review: Cover Full Handicap Range & Specs – 2022

Titleist AP3 Review

Titleist is a very popular name in golf nowadays. The company has resorted to many new technological advancements. With the previous launch of 716AP1 and 716AP2 mid handicap irons , there was a great expectation with the new launch of the ap3 segment. Everyone was guessing the fitting mechanism of the ap series. In the launches, there … Read more

TaylorMade P790 Review – Full Specs & Comparison – 2022

taylormade p790 review

The original model of Taylormade P790 has been able to acclaim both the sales chart as well as hitting the sweet spot providing the best option in the market by the time. What Do You Need To Know About The Newest Model, The Updated P790? All of the professional and club level players have successfully opted for … Read more

PXG 0211 Irons Review For High Handicappers

PXG 0211 Irons Review For High Handicappers

Not to blow even a little smoke to suggest that a segment of golfers is there who get drawn to the PXG brand but the current price for its irons is found a little too bougie. This kind of purchase does not go unnoticed on the homefront. A good number of PXG’s customers are not … Read more