Best Women’s Golf Clubs: Complete Sets

Purchasing the right golf set has become a little tricky with the plethora of choices available. The decision becomes more overwhelming when we want the right golf set for women, especially with the availability of various equipment, technology, brands, and club types.

The list of choices can be seemingly endless, and a little help from a buying guide so you can make a big purchase like this should be more than welcome. This buying guide will help you get out of the zone of utter befuddlement, and by reading ahead, you’ll find out what you need to know before you finalize your decision.

Specific questions can help you get a clearer perspective of what you want in particular and how you can find a matching pick. There are also some fantastic recommendations, and you can choose from some of the best women’s golf sets out in the market today.

Top 3 Right And Left Handed Women’s Golf Clubs

TaylorMade Kalea Women's Golf Club Set

Callaway Women's Strata Ultimate Golf Club Set

Callaway Women's Solaire Golf Club Set

Best Ladies Golf Clubs for Beginners

1. TaylorMade Kalea Women’s Hybrid Golf Club Set

This top brand has worked well for over thirty years in the industry of golf club equipment. Taylormade has an impressive reputation. Taylormade Kalea Wolf Club Set is their new line that focuses exclusively on designs for women

Go from green to tee – with the complete set of golf clubs available in this set. You’ll get two hybrid clubs, and in addition to that, you’ll be impressed by two fairway kinds of wood.

Both of these can be relatively essential and very useful in various situations. Fairway woods are quite handy for distance from the fairway. In comparison, the more forgiving hybrids will be so much easier to hit and will save you from many tricky spots.

Made from ultralight soft construction, the club’s graphite shafts will offer an excellent feel at the time of swinging the club. It offers more distance off the fairways and tees.

This is an overall pick offered by Taylormade for its speed pocket technology. It’s also easy to launch and is known for being forgiving overall.



  • Taylormade’s great history and reputation.

  • The hybrid and fairway woods.

  • Suitable even for the new golfers, or those at the intermediate level.

  • Excellent options for design and color.

  • Organized compartments.

  • The cart golf bag has durability.

  • Reliable performance with Mallet Putter.

  • Price.

  • A limited selection of iron.

2. Callaway Women’s Strata Ultimate Golf Club Set

If you’re looking for a set that’s designed with an extraordinary and ultimate performance in mind, the Callaway Women’s Strata ultimate golf club sets might be perfect for you. Excellent power and ease is the result of the club’s flexible graphite shaft.

Since hitting woods from the fairways can be a challenging task, going with hybrids can work well. The sectioned golf bag allows you to organize your clubs well. The headcovers are also excellent at preventing any damage to the club heads as you carry it.

The golf bag also comes with a strap that makes it convenient to carry. It has a stand useful when resting, and you can use it on a golf pushcart.



  • Callaway brand’s incredible reputation.

  • Club selection is excellent with correct gapping.

  • Right even for the beginner golfer or intermediate golfer.

  • Easier contact with two hybrids.

  • A cooler compartment in the golf bag.

  • Comes with a stand.

  • Would be better with more clubs.

  • The price

3. Callaway Women’s Solaire Golf Club Set

Coming from one of the most well-reputed brands in the industry, this recommendation is a complete set that will be with you for many years. There’s a wide range of designs to choose from and an impressive selection of clubs.

With lightweight graphite shafts that give you more comfortable control and use, you can make accurate shots due to the valuable distance. The renowned brand Odyssey makes the putter for this highly-recommended set.

The clubs also look very stylish so that you can flaunt them for quality in many aspects. Both left and right-hand options are available. Similarly, for size, you can go with petite or the standard sizing.



  • From a well-trusted brand.

  • Odyssey putter.

  • Variety for choice in design.

  • Impressive cart bag.

  • Right for beginners as well as intermediate golfers.

  • Would be better with more irons.

  • 11 clubs.

  • Does not include stand on the golf bag.

4. Cobra Women’s F-Max Superlite Golf Club Set

This golf set for women from the well-known manufacturer Cobra is suitable for players of differing skill levels. You could have the experience of years and still be satisfied with this golf set, just like a beginner golfer.

It’s also not as expensive as some of the other brands on the list, which can be an encouraging factor for many players. If you’re looking for a lower price, the 2022 set is recommended. The selection of clubs is indeed worth looking at -with fairway woods and hybrids, and a full set of irons.

In addition to the lightweight graphite flex shafts, you can rely on these clubs’ quality and distance and forgiveness offered by them. Designed with an offset, the Driver, Woods, and Hybrids are another point to note.

This vouches for the possibility of ball flight or higher launch, something that’s worth appreciating when hitting fairway woods. This design can also help you straighten a slice.

As for the bag -it’s sturdy and has a good design. The option for storage is also impressive. And while there’s no stand with the golf bag, you can use a cart bag on a pushcart.



  • Reliable golf brand.

  • Full set of golf clubs.

  • Impressive range of well-designed options.

  • More forgiveness and distance given by the lightweight graphite flex shafts.

  • Offset design to launch the ball higher.

  • Corrects a fade or slice.

  • Great for players of different skill levels, including beginner golfers.

  • No stand.

  • Lack of petite or tall options.

5. Cobra Women’s FMAX Airspeed Golf Club Set

Cobra has been around in the industry for a long time and has built an excellent brand reputation. The Cobra Women’s F-Max Airspeed Golf Club Set is lighter than the F-Max Superlight Clubs from last year. This design is an impressive feat.

The set is full of all the golf clubs -it has fairway woods (even a 7 wood) and Hybrid. For tough situations and tricky places, this can be a great deal that gets you out. The design of Driver, Woods, and Hybrid is offset, which means that the leading edge of the clubhead has been set back from the shaft.

This is incredibly helpful while hitting fairway woods since the offset design gives a higher launch or ball flight. In addition to this, the carbon crown design takes care of speed, distance, and accuracy.

In case you have a slice, the offset design will correct it and straighten it out. The ball is also launched higher due to the irons’ design, which gives greater lofts and perimeter weighting. This ultimately translates intl easier shots.

You also find extraordinary control and feels around the greens with the mallet-style putter.



  • Trusted brand.

  • Full set of golf clubs.

  • Great set for beginner and intermediate golfer.

  • More speed, distance, and accuracy due to the Carbon Crown design.

  • Higher ball launch thanks to the offset design.

  • No stand.

  • Lack of these options – petite, tall or left-hand.

Golf Club Set Or Separate Golf Clubs?

You’re likely to have played at least enough to be well aware of your golf swing. A couple of questions that could help you out in making the purchase.

For example, are you looking for upgrading your hand-me-downs? If that’s the case, it’s better to buy a golf club set instead of separately purchasing the clubs. This way you’ll get everything that you need.

Suppose what you have is a beginner set, and now you feel it’s the right time to upgrade it.

It’s likely that you’re confused about which way to go for. Consider what you’ll be getting. In a golf club set meant for advanced or intermediate players, you get the full set of superior quality.

Compared to the lesser expensive starter golf set, the ease of buying here also promises high and reliable quality. And it’s not like you totally must replace the entire existing set with you -you can still keep the clubs you’re fond of from your current bag.

Why don’t you try a little mixing? Add some of the new clubs, replace the older ones. You wouldn’t be the only one doing it. We’re all attached to something or the other, even when it’s not related to golf.

Keeping a little sentimental value to your bag isn’t all that bad, to be honest. What you must remember essentially is the difference in price. Separately buying clubs is going to cost you more.

That brings us closer to another question we must consider, and it is a question that can be unavoidable. Let’s talk about money. What’s the budget that you’ve fixed?

For all purposes practical, you save some bucks when you buy a complete golf set instead of buying separate golf clubs. In totality, you can carry fourteen clubs in your bag. The price of a golf driver hovers in the range of $400 to $500.

When you calculate the total money you’ll pay for each item bought separately, the sum might be unaffordable.

Another point that we must not forget is related to you, the player. How many years have you been playing? Is it your passion? Are you committed to golf? Do you play a lot or pick up the game once in a blue moon? Buying from top brands is, overall, a friendly bet.

You can play for a long time, and the set won’t give up on you for years, as many golfers personally have expressed.

The ladies golf club set out there in the market can be a great option for the golfers who are stepping out after long periods. If you haven’t been playing golf for very long, it may help you look through the ladies’ golf club sets’ options.

On the other hand, you can try buying clubs separately if you’re one of the experienced players.

Should I Consider Purchasing Men’s Or Women’s Golf Clubs?

The above is a valid question since their manufacturers put a lot of thought and strategy behind the designs. The golf clubs are produced by keeping the different kinds of golfers in mind -their age, gender, experience, height, swing type, and strength are some factors that are covered under these considerations.

Experienced golfers, too, learn to figure out what their needs are and what will be suitable for their specific set of requirements and wants. As gender is one of the significant considerations for manufacturers, the golf clubs for women and men are designed accordingly and have some differences.

Keeping the shorter frame of women in mind, the golf clubs tend to be shorter. Lightweight graphite shafts are meant to provide power and forgiveness.

And the industry takes care of your needs by making it easy for you to buy according to your expertise level. Some more experienced golfers prefer men’s club sets. Of course, their decision is mostly affected not just by experience but their height as well.

If you want a stiffer shaft, you can purchase a senior men’s club. Again, all of these boil down to your needs. You can go with such clubs if you have a faster swing speed or have good power.

Do I Need To Get Fitted Before Purchasing A New Set Of Golf Clubs?

If you think getting fitted is very important for golf clubs -well, you’re not far from the truth. With such a gigantic display of options in front of you today, golf clubs customized according to your game, including your swing and physical qualities, are possible and should be done.

Club-fitters take into account your details like your height, power, the way you swing the club. They also keep in mind things like your ball speed, swing speed, swing path and trajectories.

However, the importance would vary according to how long you’ve been a part of the world of golf. For example, a new golfer may not need to get fitted.

Getting fitted can be done at the store itself. The store’s sellers will most likely have the technology available that can measure these attributes. Some teaching professionals are also competent when it comes to fitting.

At the very least, you can seek guidance and direction from them, since professionals can understand what kind of a golfer you are and the type of swing that you have.

What Factors Should I Look At When Buying A Set?

With all of the things mentioned above in the article, there remain a few questions. The type of details you should be aware of while deciding your purchase of a golf club set includes the factors listed below.

Let’s start with the price. Money is an unavoidable and crucial factor to consider before choosing your set. Buying a set should, above all, depend on your budget. This advice goes not just for purchasing golf sets, but many other things too.

Then, analyze the better option by comparing what it includes. Above all, the golf club set should have all the necessary things you’ll need before you decide to buy it. The necessities for playing a round of golf would include the driver, a wood (or Hybrid), irons, a putter, a wedge, and a golf bag. If you have more golf experience, you could go ahead and check out golf sets with a more robust selection of clubs.

Next, you should consider the bag type. The decision should depend on whether you’ll be using a golf cart or walk on the course. Your needs will differ when you carry the bag instead of using a pushcart. A bag with a stand could be helpful. For riding carts, having a cart bag is preferable.

You can further think about the customized options. For instance, is the golf set left-handed? Is it petite size, fitting your requirements as a player? The golf set should ultimately make the game more enjoyable for you.

Also, think about the kind of shaft used. Generally, women’s golf clubs tend to have lightweight graphite shafts to offer ease, better contact, and distance. As some golfers prefer, you too could use a men’s senior club if you would instead have a steel shaft. Senior men’s shafts can give you the option of graphite but stiffer shafts.

Lastly, pay attention to the brand. Try to research about the top and well-reputed brands in the golf industry. Buying from these manufacturers provides a higher quality, with more designs and features and stylish looks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Callaway’s Strata Plus Full 14-piece Set For Women The Best Option?

Ans: The Callaway Ladies’ Strata Plus Full is one of the top sets on the market for women. The Strata Plus set is well valuable at its mid-level price, with a high-lofted driver and a complete complement of wedges.

Q2. Is Callaway’s Strata Ultimate Sixteen-piece Set For Women The Best Option?

Ans: The Women’s Strata Ultimate set from Callaway has 16 clubs, including hybrids and various wedges, to keep you out of danger on the greens. The Strata set, which features a big 460cc driver, has been intended to maximize forgiveness as well as the distance from any location on the course.

Q3. Is The Wilson Profile Sgi Golf Club Set The Best Choice For Female Golfers?

Ans: The Wilson Profile SGI Golf Club Set is a full bundle for novice or intermediate golfer wishing to update their club set. The Profile SGI set stands out among other full sets with ten clubs, including four irons, three woods, two wedges, and a putter, and the workmanship you expect from Wilson.

Q4. Is The Precise Premium Ladies Full Golf Club Set The Most Suitable Choice?

Ans: The Precise Premium Ladies Full Golf Club Set combines excellent performance with comprehensive packaging. The collection is geared for experienced golfers searching for a full set of clubs to begin a new set. It includes six irons, three woods, a putter, and a large stand bag.

Q5. Is The Aspire Xd1 Full Golf Club Set The Best Option For Women?

Ans: The Aspire XD1 Full Golf Club Set includes five irons, three woods, a putter, and a lightweight stand bag, making it a valuable collection for both beginners and high handicappers.

Final Thoughts On Women’s Golf Club Sets

Hopefully, the buying guide has helped you out in wading through the murky waters of confusion. With the points and elaborations above in the article, you can progress ahead significantly in making a decision.

But to make things a little easier, some feedback on two excellent picks may save you from the hassle of trial and error on your own. The Callaway Women’s Solaire Complete Golf Club Set can be particularly incredible for intermediate and beginner golfers.

Especially if you buy them as a beginner, they’ll stay with you for many years and rounds ahead. They last and witness your improvement -in fact, they have a role to play in improving as a player.

It’s fair to say that Callaway does justice to the design, offering an option that performs impressively. It promises high quality and offers selections from woods to hybrids.

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