Best Driver for Left Handed Golfer

About 10 percent of all people have dominant left hands. That means they write with their left hands. They reach for tools with their left hand. And they address the golf ball from the right side instead of the left when they have golf clubs that enable them to play naturally. Either that or they learn how to use golf clubs designed for right-handed golfers, which immediately gives lefties a true handicap. The best driver for a left-handed golfer changes all of that.

With about 10 percent of the general population being left-hand dominant, that percentage generally applies to golfers. When about 90 percent of all golfers are right-handed, those 10 percenters who are lefties can have a very hard time finding a truly good driver for left-handers. Most manufacturers simply overlook the left-handed driver and focus on creating drivers for the remaining 90 percent of the golf market.

best driver for left handed golfers

Thankfully, Callaway in 2020 produced its Mavrik Max driver, which includes a left-handed configuration. With typically industry-leading technology going into it, the Callaway Mavrik Max ranks at the top of the list as the best driver for left-handed golfers. Here is a closer look at why.

Mavrik Max Driver Review of Pros:

  • Very large and forgiving sweet spot.
  • Low center of gravity and very aerodynamic.
  • Can fine tune for draw or fade.
  • Adjustable hosel.

Mavrik Max Review of Cons:

  • Shaft is very long for shorter players.
  • Price will discourage some buyers.

Aerodynamic Head Enhances Your Swing Speed

Callaway designed a special cyclonic head that has a low center of gravity and a very large clubface to enable you to make solid contact on every swing. Even when you get too much heel or toe on the ball, the driver helps to straighten out bad hits and deliver greater distance.

It all starts with what Callaway calls a “cyclonic” head design that greatly reduces drag while increasing your swing speed. Callaway says you can get about 18 percent more distance from the same swing while using the Mavrik Max driver over even its most recent drivers prior to the release of the Mavrik Max in 2020.

Callaway describes the driver’s head as “slippery” and says it reduces drag by an impressive 61 percent, which translates into faster and stronger swings. Part of that advanced design is a special “sweeping” sole that catches less air during the downswing. Less friction and a sleeker design adds speed to the swing and distance to the drive.

The 460cc head pushes the legal limit for tournament play while providing golfers with a very large target with which to contact the ball. Maximized COR helps to transfer more energy to the ball at the moment of impact.

Callaway says that enables the ball to go faster and farther without requiring any major changes to your typical drive swing. One or two trips to the driving range should help you to develop the feel and muscle memory needed to consistently make strong drives that travel straighter and go farther from the tee.

Jailbreak Speed Frame

Part of maximizing that COR value is a newly designed Speed Frame that lowers the center of gravity and delivers a more solid hit. The Jailbreak Speed Frame design helps to make the Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Max driver ideal for long-distancing driving while maintaining accuracy.

best driver for left handed golfer

A large and forgiving sweet spot gives you better control of the bad hits that catch too much heel or toe on the ball. Instead of hitting the ball path to the far right or left of your intended target, the Mavrik Max controls the ball spin and nudges it back toward the target along its flight path. The Jailbreak Speed Frame also improves the driver’s torsional and horizontal stability while enabling it to make much better contact with the ball.

The A.I.-designed Jailbreak Speed Frame increases the COR value and MOI effect to make the ball travel faster and farther while maintaining a relatively straight flight path. That gives you more distance on your drives and helps turn low-handicappers into scratch golfers.

AI-Designed Clubface

Another outstanding feature on the Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Max is its specially contoured club face. The computer-aided design counteracts the effects of a mishit and helps to straighten out the drive so that you can make the fairway on bad hits as well as good ones.

The advanced Flash Face is made from very lightweight and incredibly strong titanium, which Callaway says gives the club head a ripple effect that helps it to focus power on the sweet spot. The A.I. programming also reconfigured the height and shape of the club face so that it increases the COR value over the entire club face while lowering the center of gravity.

Callaway says it even specially tuned the clubface to produce the most satisfying sound possible when you make good, solid contact with the ball. The pleasing sound helps to affirm when you make a great drive and helps you to develop a better feel for the driver and greater confidence in your swing. The results will show themselves with longer and straighter drives that enable you to lower your golf scores and improve your golf handicap.

Weight-Adjustable Head

The Mavrik Max also comes with two adjustable weights that enable owners to better tune the fade and draw characteristics to better match their drives. A 14-gram weight is positioned near the rear of the driver’s head to maximize forgiveness. You can move that weight to the heel to give the driver more of a draw bias that can counteract a natural fade that you might have in your drives.

Even the FS2C titanium used to build the clubface helps to make it an ideal tool for low-handicappers. The FS2S titanium is 6 grams lighter than standard titanium that normally would be used in the clubface. The lighter and stronger titanium helps you to speed up your downswing while making the driver more forgiving on contact. You get a longer and faster driver with a bit more ball roll to add some distance on the fairway.

Callaway Mavrik Max Driver Review of Specs

Volume: 460cc
Lie: 59 degrees
Loft: 9, 10.5 or 12 degrees
Length: 45.75 inches
Swing weight: D2
Shaft: UST Helium Black Graphite

Greater Accuracy and More Forgiveness

The A.I.-designed clubface really helps to make the Mavrik possibly the best driver for left handed golfers. That is because the specially calibrated titanium clubface relies on artificial intelligence and decades of Callaway data to ensure the best possible design. It gives you an incredibly large and forgiving sweet spot with a clubface that you can finely tune to match your drive characteristics.

A left-handed golfer often has issues with the ball fading to the left of the fairway. The A.I.- designed clubface counteracts the natural tendency to straighten out the drive more and give you greater distance from the tee. You also can use the weight adjustments to produce more of a draw effect on the head or adjust the lie and loft angles with the hosel.

best driver for left handed golfer

The ability to adjust the head to straighten out your drives rather than tinkering with your swing makes it a lot easier to develop a natural feel when using the Mavrik Max driver. That helps you to become more confident in your swings while using a more natural and fluid motion.

Adjustable Hosel Finely Tunes Loft and Lie Angles

Part of that greater accuracy and more forgiveness comes from the ability to adjust the hosel to reduce or add to the lie and loft angles. The hosel lets you change the clubface configuration to that it is square, open or closed to match your playing preferences. The hosel lets you reduce the angle by 1 degree or increase it by 1.5 degrees for a total range of 2.5 degrees in adjustment.

best driver for left handed golfer

When you adjust the hosel to increase the loft angle, you close the clubface ever so slightly with ever degree of adjustment. Likewise, you open the clubface ever so slightly while reducing the loft angle. The lie angle also adjusts along with the loft angles, but with different effects on the ball.

When you change the loft angle, you adjust the trajectory that that ball takes after hitting it. When you adjust the lie angle, that affects how the ball travels horizontally with either a fade or draw effect. The combination of hosel adjustments and the moveable weights enable you to turn the Mavrik Max into the perfect driver for left-handed golfers.

Why Should I Buy a Mavrik Max Left Handed Driver?

The Callaway Mavrik Max driver is among the few premium drivers that also come in left-handed configurations for an often overlooked segment of golfers. You get all of the same great features that the driver provides right-handed golfers but with the focus on your left-handed game.

The advanced technology greatly improves accuracy and distance while enabling you to use your conventional swing. So long as you employ a good, solid technique on your drives, the Mavrik Max will give you longer and straighter hits and leave you with better lies and shorter approach shots to the green.

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