3 Canmore Golf Watch Reviews

Wearable technology is all the rage these days, and Canmore golf watches fully affirm why. They are incredibly light, unobtrusive and deliver truly useful and accurate distance information on each hole, and most likely have a map of whichever regulation golf course that you play.

No matter which Canmore GPS golf watch you might choose, each offers the same great selection of more than 38,000 regulation golf course maps. After all, Canmore is not going to make and load a completely different map for the same golf course just so it can run on only one of its many great GPS watches.

All have a durable black polymer watch case with a black rubber watchband, two of which are reversible with gray on the opposite side. Each watch contains a rechargeable battery that powers the watch for three full rounds of golf and lasts about 60 hours when not using the GPS function. Each watch includes a USB cable so that you can charge it from any available USB charging port or an AC adapter.

Canmore GPS golf watches are available at fairly affordable price points. You can get one for about the same price as a budget-priced laser rangefinders. That makes it more affordable to buy and use both advanced technologies and get the best of both GPS golf watch technology and laser rangefinders. The following is a closer look at three of our very favorite and affordably priced Canmore golf GPS watch models.

canmore golf watch

Canmore TW-353 GPS Golf Watch

The Canmore TW-353 gives you a rectangular face with a high-contract viewing screen and three buttons on the right side to deliver your chosen inputs. The watch is black with a black band that is gray in the reverse side. The lightweight unit is attractive and comfortable to wear on a hot day on the golf course.

When you turn on the golf mode, it automatically lists the 10 most popular regulation golf courses in your area. When you arrive at a particular golf course and turn on the GPS golf mode, the GPS unit records your location and

It takes up to 5 minutes for a particular golf course map to load, so it is best to turn on the golf mode when you arrive at the golf course. The map will be loaded by the time you arrive at the first tee and automatically will load the hole. As you proceed through each hole, the Canmore golf GPS unit will track your location and give you the front, middle and back distances to the green.


  • Front, middle and back distances indicated.
  • Relatively large viewing screen.
  • Simplified functions for easy course play.
  • Useful for multiple sports.


  • Wristband fits large wrists and might be too large for many women.
  • Regular use will require regular charging to ensure full power for a full round or two of golf.

The Canmore watch automatically shows the hole you are playing, its par, your current score and the front, middle and back distances to the green. You manually enter your score after each stroke, and a separate shot-tracker function will track the spot from where you hit the ball to its lie and tell you the total distance. Pressing the upper right button and holding it for 3 seconds will initiate the shot-tracking feature.

If you press the bottom left button and hold it for 3 seconds, the watch shows you the distances to the respective hazards. A kidney-shaped icon represents a sand trap or bunker while a water droplet represents a water hazard.

An internal rechargeable battery delivers more than 12 hours of power while in the golf mode and for about 60 days when telling just the time. While there are no indications of how long the battery lasts when used for GPS fitness tracking, odds are it is about the same amount of time as when using the GPS golf mode.

canmore golf watch

Canmore TW-410G GPS Golf Watch

GPS golf watch technology should help you to get the distance readings quickly and accurately you need to make the best club and swing selections for you next golf shot. The entire design of the Canmore TW-410 GPS golf watch is based on simple and intuitive use so that you can get your bearings at a glance.

The round watch face has three function buttons on the right and two more on the left that provide traditional watch inputs. The black and white display is especially easy to read in bright sunlight so that you truly can get your data at a glance. And a special pedometer function tells you how far you have walked during the round.


  • Shows top 10 courses nearest to your location.
  • Very lightweight and comfortable.
  • High-contrast display.
  • Free downloads of updated course maps.


  • Takes several minutes to load initial golf course map, so helps to load upon arrival at the golf course.
  • Large watchband is too large for many golfers who have smaller wrists, but replacement bands are very affordable.

The Play Golf screen shows the number hole you are playing, its par score, and the front, back and middle distances to the green. The middle distance shows up in especially large numerals with the front distance indicted above and the back distance below.

After you tee off, you can press and hold the upper right button for 3 seconds, and it will enter the Shot Tracking mode. The GPS golf watch will track the distance you walk from where you turned on the tracker to your ball’s lie.

Noting the club and distance can help you to keep pace of how well you are doing with each club that you used during that round and any others that you might play and truly work on your game. When you can look over the various notes and determine which club and swing combinations are working well and which ones are giving you problems on the golf course can help you to lower your handicap and possibly become a scratch golfer.

The Canmore GPS golf watch also tells you the distances to various hazards that might interfere with your shot. You just press and hold the button on the lower right for 3 seconds and the various hazards and their respective distances are shown. A water hazard is indicated by a droplet over a circular pool with the distance to it indicated next to it. A bunker or a sand trap is shown using a kidney-shaped icon with the respective distance indicated next to it.

A rechargeable lithium-polymer battery gives the Canmore golf GPS unit enough power to complete more than three full rounds of regulation golf at your favorite local course. An included USB cable enables full charging from any available USB port or AC adapter.

canmore golf watch

Canmore TW-203 Multi-Sport GPS Golf Watch

A bargain GPS golf watch that works as designed already is a very great tool to add to your golfing kit. The Canmore TW-203 multi-sport GPS golf watch goes beyond the sport of golf. An integrated tracker also works as a pedometer or a cyclometer that tells you how far you have walked or biked on your latest outing.

You get three standard screen views that you can toggle through quickly while on the golf course. The three buttons on the right side of the watch control all of the GPS functions while the two buttons on the left handle traditional watch-setting duties.

When you complete the hole, the watch automatically advances to the next hole when you are at least 30 feet away from the prior green. By the time you arrive at the next tee, the hole map should be loaded with the distances to the green indicated at a glance.


  • Manual scoring for each hole.
  • Automatically displays the next hole after leaving the green on the prior hole.
  • Multiple sport uses.


  • Takes several minutes to load initial course maps.
  • No way to change internal rechargeable battery it if goes bad.

After you tee off, you can press and hold the upper right button for 3 seconds and it will track and show the distance that you walk to the ball. When you arrive at the lie, the GPS golf watch tells you the exact distance you traveled in your choice of yards or meters. That helps you to know the exact distance that the ball traveled and enables you to note the distances you are getting from particular club and swing combinations.

When you are getting ready for the approach to the green or when on par 3 holes, you can use the Hazards Distances function to learn where all of the danger spots are located. The water hazards are indicated by a water droplet while a kidney-shaped icon indicates sand traps and bunkers. You can get a quick look at where you do not want the ball to go and better select the club and swing that will deliver the best results.

The TW-203 uses an internal rechargeable lithium-polymer batter that is good for more than three full rounds of golf on a single charge. The battery will power the watch for about 50 days when you do not use the GPS tracker or play golf during cold winter months.

Why Should I Buy a Canmore Golf GPS Watch?

The Canmore golf watches featured above are great examples of the company’s approach to providing truly useful GPS golf tech that you can wear on your wrist without giving it a second thought. When you need accurate information on distances to the green and various hazards, the Canmore golf watches gives you exactly that with no more than a quick glance at your watch.

Canmore loads more than 38,000 maps of regulation 18-hole golf courses that are located around the globe. That means your favorite golf courses most likely are in there already. And if you travel a lot and like to play golf while on the road, the Canmore GPS golf watch will have just about any regulation course you can find already loaded into the system.

No matter where you are in the world that is not at the North or South poles, the Canmore golf watches list the 10 nearest golf courses based on your current GPS location. The information delivery is simple and consistent no matter where you play. Their dynamite combination of daily use as a regular watch and accurate GPS tracking on the golf course at a very affordable price make each one a real winner on the golf course.

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