Tavool Golf Rangefinder Review

Any avid golfer out there no doubt wants to make sure that their game is perfect and one way of doing this is by getting a golf rangefinder. The Tavool Golf Rangefinder will help you enhance your accuracy by surveying critical shots and take strokes off of your score therefore improving it.

This rangefinder will be your closest ally because it ticks all the boxes; cost-effective, accurate, lightweight, durable, and more. Read this essential Tavool Golf Rangefinder review for more details on its specifications.

Tavool Golf Rangefinder Review

Convenient Size and Weight

Understandably, you don’t want something that will weigh you down or become more trouble than it’s worth to move around the golf course with. Weighing just 12.63 ounces or 358 grams, you’ll hardly mind handling it.

Storage is a breeze with its hardy and durable carrying case and at 5.39 × 4.21 × 2.56 inches, it will feel as good in your hand as it looks- and works. Once you get used to handling it, you will be able to operate it one-handed and the efficiency is just out of this world.

An Impressive Battery Life

Unlike a lot of other rangefinders out there, you will be glad to note that the Tavool Golf Rangefinder comes with a built-in battery. Charging it is convenient using a USB type C which you plug into the rangefinder by pulling back a small retractable rubber cover under the eyepiece. Because it comes with its USB cable, you only need to find a compatible wall outlet adapter to plug it in.

Its 750mah rechargeable lithium battery can provide 10-15 hours of service after a full charge. It can efficiently be recharged by a power bank if you have one at hand and you need a quick power boost while you are out of the house.

It’s not much fun running out of charge in the middle of a game. With the Tavool rangefinder, this is unlikely to happen because the screen has an indicator that lets you know when the battery is getting low.

This rangefinder will also conserve power because it automatically powers itself off after 20 seconds of inactivity so you can focus on your game instead of constantly making sure to turn it on and off.

Versatile and Weatherproof

The Tavool Golf Rangefinder will be your perfect partner for a variety of situations including camping, hunting, bird watching, long range precision shooting, and any other activity that requires accuracy in viewing or measuring over long distances.

Because its use is mostly for the outdoors, it is weatherproofed and won’t fog up when used in the rain like other rangefinders may do.

Despite being weatherproofed though, the accuracy of measurements may be affected in extremely foggy weather due to the presence of water particles in the air. It will give the best results in fair weather while in wet conditions it may vary in accuracy.

Range Capabilities

Because the Tavool is a golf rangefinder with slope, you are assured of fast, easy, and accurate range measurements up to a distance of 700 yards and whatever gradient the course is, similar to some of it’s competitors.

Tavool Golf Rangefinder Review

Two scan modes mean you can specify your results further:

• Continuous scan mode shows you multiple targets at once. It helps you find the best flagpole to hit and locks the target that you choose.

• Golf slope mode calculates the trajectory compensation, distance, angle and adjusts the distance between the golfer and their target to provide a clear and accurate result.

Accurate Target Locking

Be it golfing, hunting, or surveying, you can use this exciting rangefinder that has chip technology to lock your target really fast. The LCD digital display will give you clear data outdoors and even in bright sunlight, you don’t have to strain to see it. The fast focus works well even if your hands shake while you use it so you don’t have to focus too hard on holding it just right because one second is enough to get a reading.

Tavool Golf Rangefinder Review

A short vibration is given after successfully measuring and hitting your target so you know you did not miss. This way, the pulse vibration technology provides instant and reliable feedback ensuring complete efficiency for your outdoor activities.

While the default measuring distance is meters, you can easily change it to yards by holding down a button and it will remember these settings unless you change them again.

As mentioned earlier, you have the option to either take a single measurement or actively scan distances as you move it around by pressing down on the ‘take measurements’ button down for a while. This combination of features all make it a great gadget for your outdoor activities.

6X HD Magnification

The 6X magnification gives crystal clear optics and the multi-layer coated HD lenses enhance accuracy even more. You can rotate the lenses to bring your target into focus and you will get a clear image to your specifications.

If you have myopia or presbyopia, you don’t even need to wear your glasses in order to see clearly through the lens because the image will be adjusted accordingly.

The handy angle compensation feature may be slightly different in different fields like shooting, archery, and golfing so you need to keep this in mind if you will use it for different purposes.

Why Choose the Tavool Golf Rangefinder with Slope?

Quality doesn’t always have to break the bank and this rangefinder is a case in point. The accuracy is out of this world even when compared side by side with brand names and other rangefinders that cost twice as much as this one does.

With a 24-month warranty, you are assured of quality and a lifetime of customer support gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you will always have assistance when you need it. Support is available 24 hours a day so your golfing trip doesn’t need to be interrupted for hours trying to get assistance for your rangefinder if an issue comes up.

Get great scores whether you’re a hobbyist or professional and make sure that your game is on point. The best thing about getting this rangefinder is that you can use it in different applications with great results so check it out now- it’s going to exceed your expectations!

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