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The Precision NX7 Pro Slope Rangefinder Review features an updated design sure to please golfers of all skill levels. Give this rangefinder a try and you will agree it provides accurate distances on both flat and sloped surfaces. Featuring a comfy ergonomic design, a fast laser speed and a slew of other helpful features, the Precision Pro NX7 Rangefinder is certainly worthy of your consideration. Let’s take a closer look at what this nifty little device is all about.

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Correct Club Selection Made Easy

This is one of the most user-friendly rangefinders on the market. Give the Precision Pro NX7 Rangefinder a try and you will find it really is that much easier to select the perfect golf club. This laser rangefinder has adaptive slope technology with “play as” distance that facilitates golf club selection. 

If you are worried about using the rangefinder during legal tournament competition, you will be happy to know its slope functionality can be turned on and off with ease. Above all, this rangefinder is favored because it is precise, quick and accurate. Featuring perfectly clear optics, the latest tech and 6x magnification, this rangefinder tells you exactly how many yards are between your golf ball and the pin or another target. Even if you are somewhat of a nervous or clumsy golfer, you will find this rangefinder is easy to use.

NX7 Pro Slope: The Range

The NX7 Pro has a 600-yard range capacity. This is a water-resistant rangefinder that displays one-yard measurements to golfers. However, if you prefer to set the range gauge at meters as opposed to yards, you are perfectly free to do so. 

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The golf rangefinder is accurate all the way up to one yard. This means you won’t have to wonder, “where to aim rangefinder” or troubleshoot in other ways once you turn on the device. You will find it is easy to use the Precision pro nx7 rangefinder to measure the distance to the hole or another target. Execute the perfect golf swing, hit the target and the device will produce a brief vibration, making it clear you hit your target.

Free Battery Replacement: Peace of Mind

The Precision Pro NX7 Rangefinder care package has a two-year warranty, support from one of the industry’s top customer service teams, a trade-in allowance and additional benefits. In fact, the NX7 Pro empowers buyers to register the product. The golf rangefinder has a lifetime battery replacement service to boot. This means you will receive batteries at no cost for life. 

The no-cost battery replacement service is an essential component of the Precision Care Package. All you have to do is register the product, request a new battery when the unit’s current battery runs low on juice and the replacement battery will be shipped in the mail within a couple days.

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Accurate Distances

The point of buying a new laser rangefinder is to hit golf balls as accurately as possible and this is precisely why those who purchase the Precision Pro NX7 Rangefinder love this amazing little device. 

In fact, some insist this laser rangefinder ranks among the best on the market. If you were to poll those using the NX7 Pro on the course, many would quickly choose to keep the rangefinder if faced with the choice of choosing between it and losing a club in their bag. 

In short, the Precision Pro NX7 Rangefinder provides golfers with the confidence they need to hit pinpoint accurate shots every single time without exception. There is simply no reason to attempt to guess the distance to the flag stick or another target when you can rely on the Precision Pro NX7 laser Rangefinder for an accurate measurement of the distance. 

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Whether you face a steep uphill shot or a daunting downhill shot, you will find the Precision Pro NX7 Rangefinder provides exactly the right distance to your target every single time without exception.

User Experience 

The Precision Pro NX7 Rangefinder features adaptive slope measurement complete with adjusted yardages. If you would like to turn off the device’s slope mode, you can do so with the single press of a button, quickly making the laser rangefinder legal. 

The rangefinder is also designed with pulse vibration technology that makes it that much easier to hit the selected target. The rangefinder really is easy to use in all regards. Even if you are not a tech enthusiast and shy away from electronic devices, you will find the NX7 Pro is intuitive.

While many other rangefinders are designed to work after the power button is pressed, requiring the golfer to press and hold on the intended target until the yardage is provided, the Precision Pro NX7 Rangefinder works a bit differently. In short, here is how to use this amazing little device. Press the green button to activate the laser rangefinder. Release the button instead of long-pressing it or holding it after the initial press. 

Once the rangefinder is on, it can zero in on any desired target you have in mind. Press the green button once again and release it while moving the circle on the flag stick, layup position or other target. 

range finder for accurate yardages at half the cost with tournament legal premium features like adaptive slope feature

The rangefinder then vibrates and provides the yardage within seconds. In fact, you can zero in on several targets while the rangefinder is in the on position, making it that much easier to hit the fairway, layup positions and green with considerable ease and minimal button presses.

Durable Design

The NX7 Pro has a water resistant design. This means you can use the rangefinder while it is raining or in other inclement weather. In fact, if you drop the rangefinder in the “drink”, you can fish it right back out and there is a good chance it will work without a problem. 

Unless there is a biblical torrential downpour, you won’t even need a basic rubber sleeve to protect this bad boy. The elite construction is the result of the extensive research and testing performed by real golfers.

What Else is Included?

More than a rangefinder is included. The Precision pro nx7 slope golf rangefinder is sold with several additional helpful sundries. Buy this rangefinder and you will receive a premium carrying case built to take a beating and continue functioning. The rangefinder includes a CR2 3v battery, a cleaning cloth, a lanyard and an instruction manual you can understand without a tech degree.

What are Golfers Saying About the NX7 Pro Slope Golf Rangefinder?

For the most part, golfers are heaping on the praise for this rangefinder. Golfers rave about the NX7 Pro Slope Golf Rangefinder’s accuracy, slope feature, elite warranty, no-cost batteries for life and affordable cost. 

the best rangefinder gives the actual yardage giving you more confidence with your new rangefinder

Read a Precision pro nx7 review posted to the many different shopping and review sites and you will find the overarching sentiment for the rangefinder is positive. Plenty of golfers who have used Bushnell rangefinders and other rangefinders made by other companies for years have successfully transitioned to the NX7 Pro Slope Golf Rangefinder without looking back.

NX7 Review: The Perfect Design?

Golf rangefinders are typically judged by their accuracy, ease of use and design. Design is particularly important as this device must be carried throughout the entirety of a round of golf that has the potential to last five hours or longer. Thankfully, the Precision pro nx7 laser rangefinder has a nearly flawless design. 

This is a diminutive yet durable device that can be dropped, stepped on and impacted in other ways without losing functionality. The rangefinder is small enough to fit within a golfer’ pocket. The shockproof design ensures the rangefinder will still work even when subjected to the worst possible conditions. 

As an example, if you mistakenly leave this rangefinder on the top of your golf cart and drive away, causing the rangefinder to fall down onto the cart path, you will likely find it still functions to perfection. In fact, it might not even have a scratch after such an incident. Superior construction is clearly one of the rangefinder’s most important selling points.

Precision Pro Rangefinder Review: Pulse Vibration

Those who are new to laser rangefinders will find it interesting to know some rangefinders lack pulse vibration. Give the Precision Pro a try and you will find its pulse technology really is a must-have. Those who have been golfing for years with rangefinders that lack this tech will never return to such inferior devices after using the Precision Pro. This technology ensures you stand a good chance of hitting the right target at just the right distance. 

The Pulse Vibration works in unison with the Target Acquisition Technology or TAG for short, to provide the user with a rapid pulse after locking onto the target. The purpose of this approach is to guarantee there is just the right distance to the intended target as opposed to an object near or behind it. In other words, the Precision Pro’s pulse vibration technology ensures you no longer have to guess as to whether you are hitting the intended target. 

most rangefinders have vibration feedback and non slope modes for tournament play

This tech feature hastens play, helping you complete your round in a timely manner without creating a bottleneck on the course as occurs more often than golfers would like. In the end, the Precision Pro’s pulse vibration technology works nearly flawlessly, providing golfers with the confidence they need to swing with authority and ultimately lower their scores.

Slope Technology

Part of the challenge of playing golf at a high level is executing shots with considerable upward or downward elevation. Thankfully, the Precision Pro’s adaptive slope technology makes pulling off such shots that much easier. 

The laser rangefinders adaptive slope measurements does the math on your behalf, showing the adjusted yardage. If you were to poll golfers who play with regularity about the rangefinder’s adaptive slope technology, the vast majority would agree it is easy to use, reliable and highly effective.

NX7 Pro Review: Drawbacks

Sort through the reviews of the NX7 Pro Slope Golf Rangefinder and you will find few complaints. However, some golfers are unhappy with the instruction manual’s description of how to use the rangefinder to zero in on targets. In short, the instruction manual could be slightly improved to clarify exactly how to use the rangefinder to hover over targets. 

Some golfers have wasted time attempting to figure out exactly how the rangefinder works simply because this device does not function similar to those made by Bushnell and the other top names in the industry. However, once you round this learning curve, you will have the NX7 Pro Slope Golf Rangefinder mastered in as few as a couple minutes.

A couple golfers have complained the rangefinder does not always function reliably with a forward pin on downhill shots. Some have reported the unit does not provide any yardage at all in such situations. However, moving left, right, forward or backward just a bit has the potential to correct this problem.

Worth the Price Tag?

In short, yes. This rangefinder is not exactly the cheapest on the market yet it is at a reasonable price. You can certainly find rangefinders around $100 or less yet there is no guarantee they will work after a couple outings. Furthermore, the comparably cheap golf rangefinders typically have minimal or even no customer support, meaning there is no avenue for recourse should they stop functioning. 

The exact opposite is true of the Precision Pro team which provides ongoing customer support, a 90-day money back guarantee, an extensive warranty and free batteries across posterity. You simply cannot find the same level of service or guarantees for a rangefinder at this price point. While some other rangefinder makers are eager to sell faulty products at low prices, the Precision team deserves credit for standing by its products, making it clear they genuinely care about their customers.

NX7 Pro Slope Review: The Verdict

In the end, the Precision Pro NX7 is worthy of a rating of 9 out of 10. In short, this intuitive rangefinder does a little bit of everything golfers could hope for. This device has all the elite tech typically found in the most expensive premium golf rangefinders. 

However, the difference between the Precision Pro NX7 and these comparably upscale rangefinders is the Precision Pro NX7’s affordable price. Add in the free batteries for life combined with additional guarantees and responsive customer support and it is easy to understand why so many golfers are proud to carry the Precision Pro NX7 in their bag.

The Precision Pro NX7 is clearly one of the best golf rangefinders on the market.

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